Singapore's Social Introverts
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Welcome to Singapore’s Social Introverts meet up.

The common misconception that people have about introverts is that they’re shy.

This is absolutely NOT TRUE.

Introverts aren’t shy. Introverts just find it very tiring and draining to always be mingling and socialising in big noisy environments.

They don’t like superficial mingling and would rather talk about deeper topics which are very meaningful to them.

Thus, it’s tough for introverts to network and build a vibrant social lifestyle here in modern Singapore.

That’s the reason this group was created.

To specifically get introverts to mingle, connect and network with one another.

The best feeling in the world is to be surrounded by people who “get you”. People who are JUST YOUR TYPE.

If that’s something that gets you excited then you’ve come to the right meet up group!

Our meet ups and activities are designed specifically for introverts who want to grow their network, make more friends and maybe even find love!

We look forward to connecting with you soon in person!

Once again, welcome to Singapore’s Social Introverts!